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Mobile Radio Billing
CRI’s Mobile Radio Billing System is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive billing interface for Specialized Mobile Radio systems. It is designed to interface and download airtime billing information from most SMR manufacturers.
Service Management
The Service Management System is designed to track all of the aspects critical to the successful management of a two-way radio repair facility. To accomplish this task it contains four integrated modules.
Inventory System
The Inventory System is designed specifically for the mobile communications industry and its unique aspects of inventory control. The inventory system automatically interfaces to sales orders, work orders, job tickets, and purchase orders, allowing for one time entry throughout the system. Inventory items can be standard parts, serialized equipment, and a unique feature called kits.
Order Entry/Counter Sales
Maintaining customers’ orders from quote to invoicing can be a challenging task. CRI-Pro Order Entry system easily accomplishes this task. By integrating the Order Entry system with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Service Management, Salespersons Commissions, and General Ledger, you eliminate multiple data entries, possible errors and lost orders.
Purchase Order System 
Purchase Order System is designed to increase the efficiency of the purchasing and receiving process by directly interfacing with Inventory and e item, eliminating confusion in the receiving of ordering parts. The reference number can be a job ticket, a sales invoice, a customer order number or any other number used for tracking. Complete order information, such as the vendor address, terms, carrier routing, special instructions, etc..., is maintained.

Recurring Charges
Recurring Charges Billing a part of Accounts Receivable and allows the use to bill recurring, or contract charges. One feature, which has been fine tuned to fit the need of the mobile communications industry, allow up to 999 individual charges for each invoice. Billing is done via a user-selectable billing cycle. Charges may be billed monthly, BI-monthly quarterly, semi-annually, annually or with user-definable periods and lengths.

Tracking and maintaining commissions is an integral part of a sales and service oriented company. The CRI-Pro Commission System gives you the flexibility to handle this task with ease. The commission module interfaces automatically to Order Entry, Service Management, Pager Billing, SMR Billing and General Ledger.

Accounts Payable
Managing your payables can be a daunting task. Questions such as: what are the cash requirements for a specific date range, what discounts can be taken advantage of, can a vendor be paid with one check for multiple invoices or must it be a single check for each invoice? CRI- Pro Accounts Payable efficiently provides you with this information plus much more!

General Ledger
Timely financial information is critical to any business. A company needs to know where they stand financially at any given time. CRI-Pro General Ledger accomplishes this task by automatically interfacing with the other CRI-Pro software modules providing you with “Real Time” financial information.

Employee Payroll
A demanding function in business is the efficient processing of payroll to ensure good morale within the work force.  CRI’s Payroll System effectively accomplishes this function and can also provide the extensive reporting tools needed for employee work records. This module is an integrates fully with the General Ledger and Service Management modules. 
Accounts Receivable
An essential function in business is the efficient recording of sales and cash receipts resulting from sales transactions.  CRI’s Accounts Receivable efficiently accomplishes this function and also provides the aging and reporting tools needed to improved cash flow and reduce delinquent receivables.  This module can be fully integrated with the General Ledger System and all billing modules.  The Accounts Receivable package will consolidate your accounts receivable paperwork and put you in control.

Tetra Radio Billing

CRI’s Tetra Radio Billing System is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive billing interface for the Motorola™ Dimetra Radio System. It is designed to interface with the Motorola™ Zone Controller via the Air Traffic Information Access (ATIA) and retrieve airtime activity for data transactions, Interconnect, Private, Secure, Group, and Emergency calls and produce usage billing and invoicing along with traffic management reporting.

Harmony Wireless Communications System

CRI’s Harmony Billing and Provisioning System is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive billing interface for the Motorola™ Harmony Communications System. Additionally it provisions the Motorola Harmony MSO Controller.

Pager Billing

CRI Pro 2000 Pager Software is designed as a comprehensive billing, tracking and management tool for serious paging operators. The CRI Pro 2000 Pager Software is the culmination of many years of providing software to the paging industry and the input from our valued customers.
Rental Management System
CRI-PRO Rental Management System is designed to be the fully integrated solution for the management of all daily tasks related to your serialized and/or non-serialized equipment and parts rentals.  With all the included reports and the ability to update rental documents on the fly, you will now have the tools needed to control and track your rental inventory.
Smart Zone Logger Management System (ATIA)
Computer Resources, Inc. has been providing data loggers for Motorola Smart Zone and Dimetra systems since 1994. These loggers have been reliably capturing call history data in continuous operation for twenty fours hours a day.  The CRI ATIA Data Logger system captures and stores data in real time from the ATIA Port of the Motorola Smart Zone and Dimetra System.
Sample WEB Inquiry to CRI Database
Computer Resources, Inc. provides wide area connectivity to our application using Windows based technology. In addition to our GUI and Facetwin connections we provide WEB access to our database using a companion CGI. Connections can be made through VPN's or firewalls for secure data access. In fact we are hosting CRI PRO2000 software for some customers.