Order Entry/Counter Sales System


Batch or point of sale invoicing, Bill to/Ship to instructions, Quote entry, Sales Tracking, Split Sales Commissions, Automatic Tracking, Picking Tickets, Packing Slips, Invoice History, Instant General Ledger Updates, NEBS Stock Forms.

The Order Entry system allows the user to easily perform all the functions for tracking the sales cycle. Once a quote is entered the tracking starts! One key stroke can change the quote to an order. This allows the user to produce picking tickets, fill orders, produce an invoice, and maintain a complete history of the sale for recall at your convenience.

The Order Entry system allows entry of equipment, parts, installation, freight, labor, travel, and free form text. Invoicing can be accomplished as point of sale or batch processing. All taxes are automatically computed and general ledger accounts are instantly updated.

Counter Sales allows new customers to be added "on the fly" or you can apply sales on a "no-account" basis. Print an on-the-spot invoice and have the receipt of payment (cash, check, credit card, charge account and/or a combination of any of these) reflected on the invoice.

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