Pager Billing System


Multiple Rate Plans, Multiple Capcodes per Pager, Multiple Phone Numbers per Pager, Pager Activation  and Deactivation, Test Page, Historical Recall of all Transactions, Help Desk, Fully Integrated Accounting, Report Writer, Search by “Sounds Like”, Search by up to 54 Fields, Notes tagged with Date and Operator,
Promise to Pay Dates, Reseller Module, Point of Sale Invoicing, Temporary Disconnect, Reconnect, Daily Payment Cash Receipts, Profit Center Reporting, Unique Login Users Defaults, Alpha/Numeric Call Count Billing, Barcode Reader.

The goal of CRI Pro 2000 Pager Software is to efficiently manage accounts, inventory, reseller information and accounting. This is accomplished by allowing flexibility in customer support and maintaining good accounting principles. The system is designed to allow the operator to add a new customer, check customer balances, apply payments, maintain collection notes, sell accessories and do point of purchase invoicing from a single screen. Each pager can have multiple capcodes and phone numbers. Additional services can be applied such as: voice mail, TAS, call count billing, and user defined charges. Each charge can be defined as recurring or one-time only with the ability to prorate each line item.

CRI’s exclusive “Login/Location User Defaults Setups” eliminates possible data entry errors by assigning defaults for Location, Frequency, Pager Type, Pager Status, Package Type and much more.

Inventory is stocked by manual or barcode entry. Capcodes and Phone Numbers are maintained in inventory with historical recall and reporting. For companies that provide repair services, the CRI Pro 2000 Pager Software seamlessly interfaces with the CRI Service Management System, Purchase Order and Inventory Management.

A complete history of all transactions is maintained. This allows management to check unit activation, additions to accounts, deletions of services, and price changes. Once invoices are posted to the Accounts Receivable file, the user has the ability to recall historical invoices. Once recalled, the user can print the invoice or fax it directly to the customer right from their workstation.

There is no limit to the number of pagers and services that can be added to a customers account. With the optional paging terminal interface, the user can activate, de-activate, and perform a test page while the customer picks up their pager.

Maintaining the integrity of your resellers’ accounts has been improved by assigning specific login codes to resellers. This allows the resellers to access, activate and deactivate their accounts and gives you complete control of all reseller activity.

Basic reports include: Customer Aging, Sales History, Pager, Capcode, and Phone Number availability, Past Due, and Churn. The CRI Pager Pro 2000 4th generation language gives you the flexibility to easily design your own reports.

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