Accounts Payable


Complete vendor information, Free form note pad by vendor, Payment terms, Discounts, 1099R and 1099M, Separate ship from/pay to, 3 user defined fields per vendor, MTD and YTD vendor totals, Prior Year Totals, Multiple Bank Accounts, Reconcile Bank Accounts, Manual Check Entry, Automatic Check Generation, Invoice Maintenance, Recurring Payables, Cash Requirement Reports, Aged Trial Balance, Complete History Inquiry, Banking Routing Information, Vendor Labels.

The vendor master file is the basis for the Accounts Payable system. Information contained in the master file provides the user with purchasing information, payment information, discounts, 1099 data, contact names and phone numbers.

CRI-Pro Accounts Payable allows for recurring payables, manual check entry, automatic check generation, invoice entry and editing and invoice payment by selection.

History is contained within the system to allow for instant inquiry into prior invoices by vendor. This information can be purged at the users discretion.

On screen help is available throughout the CRI-Pro system plus quick search queries.

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