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Software Support
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Because our software is sometimes tailored to some of our customers. I can not give you generic setup and trouble shooting. Email us!Support@crinc.com

Hardware Support Page & Basic Trouble Shooting & Setup Guide 05/04/02 11:46:19

Hardware support includes the following Cpu,mother board, disks.... operating systems i.e. winXXXX, SCO unix, other forms of unix and terminal emulation. Printer and modems setup on a multi I/O boards. Most of the examples here are to setup and install, trouble shoot your hardware and OS . Remember this is only a basic survival guide!

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Adding a user to Unix and FilePro

Printer Setup in Unix and FilePro

Printer Control

Wiring Diagrams

Modem Setup and Help

Directory and file hints and tips

Media Names and Commands (tape drives...)

Tape Drive Trouble Shooting

User Control  

Printer Tools

Dialing up Unix System With  Wins Dialup Networking

Trouble Shooting Fax Software

Stopping and Starting printer and TCP/IP services for unknown problems