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Modem Setup
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In my examples I will be using Com1 (tty1a or tty1A) ,but any com port or multi I/O port will do.
The modem is a MutliTech mt2834somthing, other modems will work but you will have to do some research on them. If you are replacing or adding a modem get it plugged into a COM port and turn it on. Donot forget to plug in a phone and get the phone number too.

For basic trouble shooting check the following:
Is the tr. or dtr light ON. If not login as root and type
enable tty1A then type disable tty1a. Check the tr or dtr light. If it is lit dial the phone and see if the modem answers, if it answers setup your terminal software or for testing ONLY use Win 95/98 hyper terminal click on start -> programs -> accessories -> hyper terminal ->hypertrm. Give your new connect a name (ok).Then type in the phone number and select the modem that is installed in your PC, then see if you get a login..
If so your are Done!

If you get trash or nothing, you will need to check the serial speed of the com port and the speed on the modem.
Login as root and at the # type
ckermit and press enter.
disable tty1A
At the ckermit > type
set line /dev/tty1a press enter   
At the ckermit > type
c enter
Type the following commands to your modem:
at&f0                 enter       < set modem to factory default
at$sb38400       enter       < set serial speed to 38400 you have to go lower remember this number!
ats0=1              enter        < answer on first ring
at&w0              enter        <save setups
ctrl and \ at the same time then press c , if this does not exit you to the ckermit > try it again!
Now  we can check some files. Login in as root and type pg /etc/inittab you will see the following:

# @(#) init.base 25.1 92/10/30
# Copyright (C) 1988-1992 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
# All Rights Reserved.
# The information in this file is provided for the exclusive use of
# the licensees of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. Such users have the
# right to use, modify, and incorporate this code into other products
# for purposes authorized by the license agreement provided they include
# this notice and the associated copyright notice with any such product.
# The information in this file is provided "AS IS" without warranty.
# /etc/inittab on 286/386 processors is built by Installable
# Drivers (ID) each time the kernel is rebuilt. /etc/inittab is replaced
# by /etc/conf/cf.d/init.base appended with the component files in the
# /etc/conf/init.d directory by the /etc/conf/bin/idmkinit command.
# To comment out an entry of /etc/inittab, insert a # at start of line.
bchk::sysinit:/etc/bcheckrc </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
tcb::sysinit:/etc/smmck </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
ck:234:bootwait:/etc/asktimerc </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
ack:234:wait:/etc/authckrc </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
copy:2:bootwait:/etc/docpyrt >/dev/console 2>&1
copy:2:bootwait:/etc/docpyrt >/dev/console 2>&1
brc::bootwait:/etc/brc 1> /dev/console 2>&1
mt:23:bootwait:/etc/brc </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
r0:056:wait:/etc/rc0 1> /dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
r1:1:wait:/etc/rc1 1> /dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
r2:2:wait:/etc/rc2 1> /dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
r3:3:wait:/etc/rc3 1> /dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
sd:0:wait:/etc/uadmin 2 0 >/dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
fw:5:wait:/etc/uadmin 2 2 >/dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
rb:6:wait:/etc/uadmin 2 1 >/dev/console 2>&1 </dev/console
co:2345:respawn:/etc/getty tty01 sc_m
co1:1:respawn:/bin/sh -c "sleep 20; exec /etc/getty tty01 sc_m"
c02:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty02 sc_m
c03:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty03 sc_m
c04:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty04 sc_m
c05:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty05 sc_m
c06:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty06 sc_m
c07:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty07 sc_m
c08:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty08 sc_m
c09:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty09 sc_m
c10:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty10 sc_m
c11:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty11 sc_m
c11:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty11 sc_m
c12:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty12 sc_m
Se1a:2:off:/etc/getty tty1a o
Se1A:2:off:/etc/getty -t60 tty1A o             
<<<  STOP LOOK our com1 port speed is set to a o
Se2A:23:off:/etc/getty -t60 tty2A o                                            o = 38400
Se2a:23:off:/etc/getty tty2a o
If it is set to o (38400) type type
q enter. Type disable tty1A and then type enable tty1A. Retest it for login.
If it is not set to a o . Now we will have to edit the file, type
vi /etc/inittab use your arrow key and find the line with your tty port, Put your cursor under the letter at the end of the line(refer above) and type
r o then press Esc two times. r means replace character and o is the serial speed. If it looks right type Shift ZZ , that will save and exit the editor. If it does not look right press Esc two times then type Shift Q then at the :     type q! enter. Then try it again.

Now disable tty1A and enable tty1A .Retest it for login.

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