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Adding a printer to unix
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Ver. 5.0.X SCO Unix
Login as root
scoadmin             Menu driven program (adding users, printers, networks, hardware, kernel tuning)
printers                 Select it
printer manager    Select it
right arrow over to printers down arrow to add local..
Name: [enter a name for the printer]
Description:[enter a comment about the printer]
Model: [use dumb or crnlmap or if you are using Jriver enter icelp1.scr ]
Device:  [enter /dev/lp for parallel, /dev/ttyxxx for RS232 port and /dev/null for Jriver ]
Donot forget to see Printer Control.

Printer Setup in filepro
login as filepro goto system wide setup select p for printer maintenance. Press p for printers.
Enter the name of the printer press return, the printer type has to match the the printer emulation.Use F6 or Ctrl F for pull up list of types.
If it is a laser use hplaser, for a dot matrix check your printer hand book, it will use ether a epsonfx or a ibmpro.
Destination command.tee /appl/fpmerge/$LOGNAME.$$|lp -s -dprinter name
                                    ^goto file and printer  ^file name        ^command to send to printer
Esc Esc to record changes.

Adding more than 10 printers in Filepro       

Login in as root type cd /appl/fp type ./ddir and return. Press F6 or ctrl f for the menu.                                                        

------Variable--- --------------------Value------------------------
1 PFBLDFREE                                           . on .
2 PFIXS                                                      . on .
3 PFCMARK                                              . 25 .
4 PFVER                                                     . on .          Never Touch
5 PFNB                                                       . on .
6 PFNOHELP                                             . on .
7 PFCHECKLOCK                                    . on .
8 PFHCFF                                                   . on .

9 printer1                                      . lpt1,ibmproxl,|tee /appl/fpmerge/$LOGNAME.$$|lp -s -dlpt1
10 printer2                                    . old,dmp400,|tee /appl/fpmerge/$LOGNAME.$$|lp -s -dold
11 printer3                                    . lpt1s,ibmproxl,|tee /appl/fpmerge/$LOGNAME.$$|lp -s -dlpt1s
12printer4                                     .lpt16,epsonfx,|tee /appl/fpmerge/$LOGNAME.$$|lp -s -dlpt16
Press u to update move down to a blank line and add the printer.
I will be adding a printer on Variable number 12. type in the word printer then a unique printer number for filepro. Press return, lpt16 is the name of the printer in unix. Notice the comas for field separation. Then type in the printer type, I will use epsonfx for the Epson DFX8500 printer that we are installing. |tee /appl/fpmerge/$LOGNAME.$$/|lp -s -d Copy this word for word and it will send the output of filepro to the directory /appl/fpmerge/ with a filename of your login name and process ID, and at the same time send it to the printer.
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