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S M U G 2007


January 2007
Hello CRI Customer!

Welcome to the CRI Newsletter. We hope you will receive some benefit from this mailing. Almost weekly we answer certain questions on an individual basis that most of you would have an interest in knowing as well. Here is our first effort, and you can find it posted on the website as well - . We welcome your response and ideas for future mailings. Thanks as always for your commitment to CRI.
Staff Additions

Most of you are probably familiar by now with Craig Harris, Sr. Tech and Customer Service Manager. Craig joined CRI in mid-2005. His experience includes over 12 years managing medical and telecommunication computer systems, productivity and logistics design/consulting, and hardware design and troubleshooting.

Some of you are probably aware that Jon Kelly joined the company in early 2006 as Manager of the Sales & Marketing Department. While Jon's experience in the wireless/radio business is limited, he has been in Sales & Marketing his entire career, spanning more than 25 years.

Guy Lunsford, Technical/CSS Rep, joined CRI in late 2006. While Guy is new to the communications industry (or so he says), his background in HTML, programming and customer service will serve him well as he assumes his responsibilities. Please join us in welcoming Guy on your next call to the office.
SMUG Meeting

Yes, it's not long till you have this year's opportunity to attend and participate in the Annual SMUG Meeting. We had a very successful meeting last year in Nashville. If you attended in 2006, you know that the meeting was full of learning, valuable information, and yes, even a little fun. And the location was good for all. Expect an even better meeting for 2007 and plans for this year's meeting will be announced soon. Please make your plans to attend.
System Training:

During 2006 many users of CRI Business Management System requested and received additional training and instruction in the application and use of the system. Often this was prompted by such factors as a new employee, the appointed trainer in the company is no longer there, SMUG attendance has not been utilized; perhaps it is because there was never full training on the software, or possibly changing business needs.

In recent months, CRI has been onsite with a number of customers to re-train and initially train users/employees. The companies involved have experienced a significant increase in productivity and user satisfaction. If you feel this could be of benefit for your company, please call us to discuss. Training is tailored and customized to your specific needs, so each session will be reviewed for optimum results for you, the customer.
HTML/Web Interface Services:

In the past Web, Internet and remote salesperson marketing has been viewed and managed as a separate function from day to day management in most companies. As business now moves toward an integrated approach CRI can assist and help manage your requirements. Currently CRI manages such tasks as web phone/radio activation, customer access to billing details, email of bill summaries, customer order status and bill payment, and Web Interface to CRI applications. CRI can use existing web pages as a template for a seamless integration as well as including provided Multi-Media. Secure fast and separate login areas for customer's salesmen and service professionals from any computer without special software. We have the capability to accommodate any idea and request you have in this area.

Look for some new items on the CRI Website in the near future. We receive many requests for peripheral products and services. These will be reviewable on the CRI Website under the tab Business Services. This will save everyone a good deal of time in the exchange of basic information. These services will include, but not be limited to, items such as servers, printers, scanners, bar code readers and printers, projection equipment, logo applications, business forms and Document Solutions.
System Upgrades & Opportunities:

POS "Point of Sale" Module
At the last SMUG meeting we introduced a new POS Module. We have finished our development testing and are ready to proceed. Here are the key features: ° fast data entry ° utilizes bar code and scanner equipment ° option to collect customer info ° operator vs. supervisor modes ° operator cannot change prices ° can be interfaced to POS cash drawer, display and receipt printer ° special discount for SMUG attendees °
filePro upgrade
As you are aware, CRI releases upgrades each year to our software. The upgrades are part of your annual license renewal. Included in the upgrades are maintenance packs and releases by 3rd party vendors. Version upgrades are not part of the annual license and we make them available to you. filePro, a key database vendor, has released an upgrade, version 5.6.04. We have upgraded our software and equipment and highly recommend you consider an upgrade as well. A 5.6 upgrade improves indexing of large databases.

SCO OpenServer 6
For UNIX users, SCO has released their latest version, OSR6.
utilizes UNIXware Kernel - 64 bit operating system -
This upgrade works best when installing a new server.

Annual Motorola Parts Update
As many of you know we have a very close working relationship with Motorola. This relationship allows us to receive the Annual Parts update from Motorola and we can download this to your database, saving you time, money, effort and employee utilization. We can do this for only $250, which covers our time and some material costs.

We can also assist with other manufacturer's parts updates.

CRI will be implementing a new Block Support rate structure in 2007. It has been over 10 years since the last update. As with any business, this is merely an attempt to keep pace with inflation. This increase will not take effect until May 1st, so if you want to renew at the old rates there is still time. Here is the new rate structure:
T&M1140 (minimum billing of 30 minutes)
CRI - Close to Home and Globally

As customers, you want to know about the health of the company you depend and rely on to keep your business running on a daily basis. Since dealing with a stagnant market since 9/11, CRI had a prosperous 2006. This was due to the addition of new customers in the USA as well as internationally. Most of you are familiar with our product as it pertains to the day to day management of wireless companies. We also have a product that assists in the management of wireless switching facilities. This market appears to be in a growth phase and CRI expects to benefit over the next several years.