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Sample Configurations for network setups and internet.
The following configurations are for you to get a picture, of the connections.

Standard multi user unix/linux network configuration
One main office and one remote office. With fax, support and tower site modems, network printers, HUBS/Switches, routers.
Facetwin configuration
Flow chart showing some features of Facetwin.
James River

Flow chart showing some features of James River ICE.TCP.
Internet access   using Hardware Firewall
Getting access to data on a multi user unix/linux system with a full time internet connection.
SSl Encryption and Server Authentication for internet access. James River's ICE.PPN
Please follow this link.
One workstation dialup access to the data with a local phone call.
Using Microsoft's dialup networking we can create a TCP/IP connections to the server.
Supports printing to the remote site.
Single user Win95/98/ME systems needing remote access will use pcAnywhere.