The record structures below are followed by a brief description
of their contents. Those marked unqualified are not accessible
through SQL, but they contain mostly setup information. The
headings indicate which modules the structures are associated
with. In some cases structures are used in more than one module.


apbank     bank account information and g/l account
apcheck    check information
apdist     all g/l transactions associated with the a/p account
aphist     a/p invoice history
aphistrn   a/p transaction history
apinvh     a/p open invoices
apinvl     a/p open expense allocation
apopn      a/p open transactions
aprech     a/p recurring invoices
aprecl     a/p recurring expense allocation
apvend     a/p vendor master


acrf08     cash receipts entries
acrf09     a/r open transactions
acrf19     sales tax transactions
arcash     deposit history
arcashi    deposit history detail
acrf99     last month's payment and deposits data
arhist     a/r transaction history
arstyp     sales type to control g/l and defaults for billing
cricust    customer master data
cricustc   customer contacts associated with a master record
dochst     document history header
dochsti    document history line items
jobnum     provides job number control to various modules
rcghdr     recurring charges header
rcgitm     recurring charges line items
sajhdr     a/r invoice header
sajitm     a/r invoice line items


mrbatbh    stores busy hour for networks
mrbatrd    packet data information
mrbatrg    group call information
mrbatrs    call information by site
mrbatru    call information by unit id


comm_typ   commissions control
commhdr    commissions header - one per document
commitms   commissions items associated with above header
commsmp    temporary commission info during edit phase
commsqp    temporary quota info during edit phase
quotamas   quota control
salesman   salesman master record
slscomtp   salesman commission control
slsquota   salesman quota control


gl0001     chart of accounts and two year's history and budget
gl0002     g/l transactions
gl0003     g/l entry data
gl0004     g/l financial formats
gl0005     g/l recurring entries


mktact     contact activity transactions
mktactcd   marketing activity code definitions
mktctc     primary contact record
mktctcn    additional contacts associated with primary record
mktexp     salesman expense entry record
mktexpal   time/expense record for each activity transaction
mktmm      marketing method code definition


cricust    customer master record
cricustc   customer contacts associated with a master record
idacflt    customer's fleet
idacfq     system frequencies
idaf       system's fleets
idap       radio's personalities
idaps      radio personalities sub-fleets
idar       radios
idargm     system range map
  unqualified, holds radio model data
idas       system information and authorization codes
idasi      sub-fleet talkgroup information
idasz      unqualified, special data used to manage size codes
idatran    change transactions of many types
idatrm     temporary range map data
idatrss    temporary data when generating T files
idaudp     holds did number information
idaui      unit id information


unqualified, currency exchange rates


mibarr     number barring info
mibhlrs    temporary file used to validate provisioning database against switch data
micells    cell and EBTS info
micos      class of service (routing) info
mierros    error codes and messages associated by version
mifleet    fleet information
mihlrs     temporary - used to reconcile switch to DB
miimsi     authorized IMSI info
miips      mobile node IP and other IP info
mimaster   switch info and control by SDC
minortel   Nortel response codes and messages with bypass list
miphext    phone extension description
miphone    authorized phone numbers
mirange    allowed urban/fleet/member ranges
miroam     roaming partner control and authorization
misim      authorized SIM card info
missmode   subscriber mode info
misubcpy   temporary storage for a partially deactivated subscriber
misubdel   archive storage for deleted subscriber records
misubscr   subscriber provisioning information
mitg       talkgroup definitions
mitgmode   mode definitions
mitran     provisioning transaction history
mizone     zone definitions
schemec    provisioning defaults by scheme
schemem    provisioning defaults by scheme for modes


apvend     vendor master data
category   parts category and matrix information
countfil   temporary parts information during physical inventory
freqfile   serialized equipment frequencies
invf01     non-serialized inventory
invf02     serialized inventory available for sale
invf03     serialized inventory sold, serviced, or rented
invtrac    inventory transactions of many types
kitfile    used to group non-serialized parts into a kit
pbook      common inventory to invf01, invf02, and invf03
pbooka     alternate prices or discounts
pbookg     alternate g/l control by sales type ot category
pbookv     alternate part number and vendor control
sernotes   notes attached to serialized equipment
warehous   warehouse description and general ledger control


ismacs     computer side of sub-fleet talkgroup auth data
ismacu     computer side of unit id auth data
ismaff     system side of affiliation data
ismass     system side of sub-fleet talkgroup auth data
ismasu     system side of unit id auth data
ismbill    computer/system area/exchange data
ismchan    computer/system chan data
ismparm    computer/system parm data
ismsaccs   computer sub-fleet talkgroup sac data
ismsaccu   computer unit id sac data
ismsacss   system sub-fleet talkgroup sac data
ismsacsu   system unit id sac data
ismtalk    version specific talk dialog definitions
ismtellc   computer/system tell data


area       rates when billing is based upon source/destination
mrb1cds    default site networks
mrb1crt    rates used by call class billing
mrbatia    optional talkgroup/affiliation data
mrbf01     billing master record
mrbf04     current call detail record
mrbf04a    historical call detail record
mrbf09     temporary a/r open during billing
mrbf19     temporary sales tax during billing
mrbgrp     associates sites to regions or radio id to billing id
mrbnotes   billing master record notes
mrbtran    operator transactions of many types
sitegl     g/l control of billable items and entry defaults
smrtogl    temporary g/l data during billing
toddt      time of day discount tables


mibarea    call rateing info
mibcclas   call classes and printing descriptions
mibcof     circle of friends definition for special rates
mibcomm    commission calculation and control
mibdecod   number decode and call classification
mibf01     billing master record
mibf04m    non-roamer call detail records - yymmqqq qualifier
mibf04r    roaming out call detail records
mibf04ri   roaming in call detail records
mibinv     temporary invoice detail during edit
mibltyp    supported line types with descriptions
mibnets    network definitions for billing expansion
mibnotes   notes associated with a billing master record
mibonoff   act/dact/partial dact info and queue
mibpool    airtime pooling records for billing and prepaid
mibrun     temporary sort file during edit
mibsvcde   taxation and g/l control for billing
mibsvcs    control for services to be billed
mibtemp    temporary useage storage during edit process
mibtran    billing transaction history
mibuse     control for useage to be billed
scheme     billing scheme header record
scheme2    billing scheme service records
scheme3    billing scheme useage records
schemep    billing scheme pooling records
tap3       control file for elemental read and write of TAP info
tapfiles   TAP files created or read with summary info
taptime    GMT offsets for TAP time conversion
toddt      time of day discount tables


oemaud     audit trail for any changes made to a document
oemhdr     order header
oemitm     order items
oemqhdr    quote header
oemqitm    quote items
oemtrn     payment info for counter sale documents


posaudit   audit info for any changes to a POS document
poscust    POS customer record
poshdr     POS document header record
poshhdr    POS documsnt history summary
positm     POS document detail


prcalc     temporary file used during calculations
prcalch    calculation history detail
prckhdr    current check header during calculations
prckhhdr   check history header
prckitm    current check detail during calculations
prckitmh   check history detail
prctrl     payroll control record (record 1 only)
prdeduct   deduction table
prdepts    departments table
prearn     earnings table
prebank    employee bank info for direct deposit
predepos   direct deposit records
prempl     employee master record
prempld    employee deduction records
premple    employee earnings records
prexempt   exemption table
prforms    forms printing control
prsched    automatic notification queue for email
prslide    slide table
prtcrds    detail time card entry file
prtcrdsh   time card detail history
prtime     total time records
prtimeh    total time history records
prtran     transaction history records
prvac      vacation and sick table


purf01     purchase order header
purf01a    purchase items history
purf02     purchase items
purf01a    purchase order header history


rccarea    paging area table
rccbeep    not yet used - will store auto pages
rccbill    main billing header
rccbitm    main billing services
rcccap     capcode data
rcccode    not used
rccdef     default entry data by user
rccdump    temporary use during recurring processing
rcceloc    equipment location table
rccetyp    equipment type table
rccf08     temporary cash receipts entry
rccf08hs   cash receipts history
rccfreq    frequency table
rccglobl   used to generate global billing
rccinv     invoice header data
rccinvhs   invoice header history
rccitm     invoice items
rccitmhs   invoice item history
rccmfr     manufacturer table
rccmodel   pager model table
rccphone   phone number file
rccpkg     not implemented - packaged billing plans
rccrsell   not implemented - reseller control
rccrtyp    recurring charges types
rccsrvcs   primary service setup, g/l control, defaults
rccstat    pager status table
rccstyp    service type table
rcctemp    temporary during data conversion
rccterm    terminal table
rcctrack   certain tracking information used when reactivating
rcctran    transactions of many types
rcctrct    billing contracts - not implemented
rccycle    temporary cycle codes used during data conversion


rntbrs     transfer from warehouse data
rntbrsl    transfer from equipment/parts data
rnthist    rental history header
rnthisti   rental history items
rntinv     rental document header
rntinvl    rental document items
rntsrs     transfer to warehouse data
rntsrsl    transfer to equipment/parts data


svmcont    service contracts data
svmcst     contract status table
svmctyp    contract type table
svmest     equipment status table
svmhdr     job ticket header
svmhhst    job ticket history header
svmhitm    job ticket history items
svmhstc    job ticket history status data
svmitm     job ticket items
svmjst     job ticket status table
svmstc     job ticket status data
svmsvc     job ticket entry item codes
svmtech    tech master file


access     unqualified, holds information on user's access levels
cantext    unqualified, canned text for quick document entry
codb       unqualified, company data, counters, accounting periods
cridef     unqualified, user default control (CRI only)
crif12     unqualified, sales tax codes & g/l control
crilib     unqualified, common subroutines (CRI only)
idan       generic notes file used by several modules
instrct    unqualified, shipping instructions table
logins     unqualified, valid users and their printers
modules    unqualified, available modules - maintained by CRI
shipvia    unqualified, shipping method table
stmsg      unqualified, statement messages table
sysgl      unqualified, temporary g/l posting data
systax     unqualified, temporary tax posting data
terms      unqualified, payment terms table
usrdef     user defaults which have been defined
varsec     unqualified, security for specific operations deviating from normal


web        access records for all WEB operations
webn       used to create and publish news articles