Thank you for requesting an online demonstration of our Pro 2000 Software and Facetwin.

*Note:  Print these instructions by clicking your print icon at the top of this window.

STEP 1: Download this file to your desktop.
STEP 2: Double click on the Facetwin self extracting .exe located on your desktop.
STEP 3: Then click on the   wpe2.jpg (1202 bytes)  icon located on your desktop.
STEP 4: Answer yes to "Do you wish to continue?".
STEP 5: Click next.  Click next again.  Then uncheck the Facetwin serial port agent.  Then click next.
            Then click next again. Then click OK to install the fonts.  Then click finish the setup.
STEP 6: Call your sales representative @ (205)987-1523 to start the demonstration.     
    If you have any problems call support @ (205)987-1523.
If you are running windows 98 you will need download and run this w98.reg.