Rental Management System


Serialized and/or Non-Serialized, Complete Transaction History, Easy Return of Individual Items on a Rental Document, Sell Rented Items, Bill Incidentals on Renal Documents, Onetime or Recurring Billing, Tracks the Changes Made on a Rental Document, Quotes become Rental Invoices and Rental Invoices become Recurring Billing Documents, Service Module Tracks Maintenance on Rental Equipment, Document History in Accounts Receivable History, Maintains Separate Rental Inventory, Allows Profit Center Tracking, Bill Labor/Travel Charges on Rental Document, Instantly Return all Items on a Rental Document, Fully Integrated, Detailed Reports.

Reports Include:

     Equipment Availability Report, Rented Equipment Locator, Committed Rental Report, and Rental Due Report.

The CRI-PRO Rental Management System is the complete management solution for all your serialized and/or non-serialized rental business needs and is fully integrated with Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Inventory; therefore, while your rental billing needs are being expertly managed, all reporting to other installed modules is fully automated and transparent.   

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