General Ledger Module


10 digit General Ledger Account number, Multi-level financial statements, Summary or detailed posting, Financial Statements on demand, Recurring Journal entries, Multi-company reporting, Multi-company comparatives, Multi-department reporting, Multi-department comparatives, Multi division reporting,   Multi-division comparatives, User Friendly Financial Reporter.

CRI-Pro General Ledger provides financial reporting for companies, divisions within companies, and departments within divisions. Financial reports can be produced for the overall corporation, selected divisions within the corporation, departments, and/or the overall financial standing of the entire company.

Every account can be set up as a summary or detailed posting account with budgets for current year and prior year comparatives.

Financial reports Include:

Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, and Supporting Schedules are standard within the CRI-Pro, in addition, financial reports can be designed by the user using the financial reporter. CRI-Pro 4th Generation Language (4GL) provides the user with unparalleled flexibility.

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