Mobile Radio Billing

Features Include:

Multiple Site Billing, Group Billing, Selectable Detail Charge Billing, Bell Long Distance Core Tables, Free Form Notes for each record, Call History, Multiple Rate Plans, Prorated Billing, Roamer Tracking and Billing
4 User Defined Billing Fields, Peak and Off-Peak Rates, Unauthorized Call Lists, Airtime Dispatch Usage Reports, Airtime Interconnect Usage Reports, Profit and Loss Statements per site, Automatic Interface to General Ledger, Automatic Interface to Accounts Receivable.

The Mobile Radio Billing System interfaces to the CRI Accounts Receivable system, which allows enrollment of radios for billing without repetitive customer information entry. After airtime and other billable services are calculated, and invoices generated, this allows direct posting into accounts receivable.

CRI has designed MRB to provide the SMR operator with a wide range of flexible billing options. In addition to flat rate Interconnect and Dispatch billing, it also provides airtime and combination billing. Combination billing allows for flat rating for a pre-set amount of time and billing for overage time at a metered rate. Default rate plans with preset charges may be selected for each radio, or the billing record may be totally individualized. Additionally, a rate plan may be selected and only certain fields individualized. Other billing options include: call detail charges, line fees, maintenance, rental/lease, two user definable recurring charges, and two one time charges (both definable by radio). Additional options allow for call roundup or down and call discarding. The first months fixed charges may also be prorated if desired.

CRI has also included a wide range of other features to provide flexibility and allow for competitive market conditions. Telephone long distance charges may be billed on a flat rate basis, or be billed from a long-distance toll rate table. Peak and off peak discount tables for airtime billing may also be utilized. Radios may additionally be billed from a wide range of user definable rate plans. Each individual radio contains a free form note pad for important information and four user definable notepad fields for crucial data and sorting capabilities.

Operators may mix different manufacturers equipment in the same billing system. CRI has designed a wide range of data loaders and call calculation software to recover call data and produce a unified call history file. This call history file in combination with the master billing record and the accounts receivable information allows the Mobile Radio Billing System to be an extremely powerful reporting engine. A wide range of both summary and detailed reports are available covering the complete spectrum of SMR management.
The ability to maintain individual radio billing and information records, integrate multiple manufacturers, provide flexible billing options, and integrate into a wide range of other billing and accounting modules provides the SMR operator with that extra edge necessary in today’s competitive marketplace.

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