Commissions Module


Salesperson name and address, Gross Profit or Net Sales, Split Commissions, Scalable Commission Rates, Spiff Payments, Bonus Payments, Quotas, MTD & YTD Sales, MTD & YTD Commissions, MTD & YTD Bonus Tracking, Outstanding Commissions, Selective Payment by Invoice, Commissions Paid on Selective Items, History of Payments by Invoice, History of Bonus Payments, Automatic Interface to General Ledger.

Each salesperson has scalable gross profit or net sales commission rates, monthly and yearly quotas, spiff payments, and bonuses.

The commission module tracks commissions earned and paid, bonus earned and paid, and all outstanding commissions. In addition, the user can select commissions for payment. This allows for payment by invoice date or customer payment date. Commissions can be paid to a single person or can be split by two salespersons, by invoice.

On screen help is available throughout the CRI-Pro system plus multiple Query capabilities.

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