Standard Smart Zone & Dimetra ATIA Data Logger Systems**


The CRI ATIA Data Logger system, in its standard configuration, captures the following data from the ATIA Ethernet Port: 

              Radio Unit ID and Alias, Zone ID, Site ID, Call Type, Call Duration, Date and Time of Call,  Talk Group ID                   and Alias, Telephone Number Called on Interconnect Calls.

The CRI ATIA Data Logger then interfaces with the CRI Mobile Radio Billing and Analyzation System. 

Information that the CRI Billing and Analyzation System stores includes :

Customer Master File in Accounts Receivable
Sales Types ( Default rates and billing parameters )
Rate Plans to be attached to Unit IDís.
Unit ID
User (Location)
Home Site
Additional Zones and sites attached
Unit Call Sign *
Serial # *
Dispatch Usage
Dispatch Flat Rate/ Flat Rate Limit/ Over Limit Rate
Interconnect Flat Rate/ Flat Rate Limit/ Over Limit Rate
Interconnect Usage
Method of Long Distance Billing/ Flat Rate or Table Driven
Call Listing Bill Amount
User Definable Non-recurring Charges (2)
User Definable Recurring Charges (2)   
DID Line Charges
Rental Charges
Maintenance Charges
Information in a free form 10 line notepad for each Unit ID.
Interconnect Phone Numbers called with date, time, and duration.

* Up to (4) user definable parameters may be stored with an individual unit.

The CRI Billing & Analyzation system can produce reports showing usage by site,client, talk group, or individual unit, on a twenty four hour basis, or other selected time period, with levels indicated from a ten minute interval basis or greater. In order to produce dispatch air time information on an interval basis, the data may not be collected in the Compressed Dispatch format, therefore the system will need to have greater storage capacity.

The CRI Billing & Analyzation system allows for billing rates and parameters to be set on a per radio basis. Billing can be produced in a summary or detailed form, with or without interconnect detail call listings.

In addition to the standard reports provided with the system, a SQL report writer and the database development system are provided. These tools allow the client to produce customized reports.

** Additional features available on a customized basis.

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